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Enhance cashflow

Reduce risk

Automated cashflow & credit management

itsettled identifies payment risks, collects your invoices, and improves your cashflow performance.

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Our process has collected £420 million businesses just like yours.

Our vision

There are 3.1 million companies trading on credit in the UK. Unfortunately, 1.4 million of these have had their cashflow negatively impacted by customers who don’t pay their invoices on time, with many more being subject to poor payment practices.

itsettled is an automated cashflow & credit management tool for business owners who don’t have the experience, time, money, or resources to manage credit control themselves. We improve their cashflow position and protect them from future risks.

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Improve your cashflow performance

Collect your invoices, identify bad payers, and get more money into your business.

You’ll receive payments quicker using a proven process that has already recovered over £420 million for UK SMEs.

How it works

Quick to setup and easy to manage your customers

Manage customers and their invoices through the intuitive dashboard. Assign notes, payment promises, and pause the process when required.

Get peace of mind from knowing all communications look as if it comes directly from you.

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Our payment guarantee

Still don't receive payment? Our recovery specialists will step in and help for no additional cost.

Who we are helping

We are fighting in the corner of SMEs like you. We know you make up 99.9% of the UK business population, and are keeping the economy alive.




How does it work?

Step 1

Get started

Either sync your accountancy software or upload your invoices directly to itsettled.

Step 2

itsettled gets to work

itsettled starts collecting recently created invoices, any late payments and monitoring for risk.

Step 3

You get paid

itsettled keeps working until you get paid the money you’re owed.

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UK SMEs are facing a £50 billion late payment problem

£100 billion of unsustainable national debt

1.4 million businesses struggling with poor payment practices

Our process is trusted by Corporate Organisations

Peace of mind, itsettled doesn't compromise your data

ICO Certification and GDPR compliance are just a few of the safeguards you can expect from our enterprise-grade data privacy and protection.

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