How to integrate with your accountancy software

So, you want to integrate itsettled with your accounting software? Good job - it’s really simple and makes itsettled even easier to use.

Firstly, head to your account on itsettled. There’s a tab called Integrations - if you click on this you’ll find the list of accountancy platforms you can integrate with. Simply choose your software and click ‘link’ - this will take you to the website of your accountancy software, where you will see your homepage (if you are logged in), or the log in page (if you are not).

You may be asked for permission to data share - we need this information in order to chase your invoices correctly on your behalf. 

Integrating with your accountancy software will allow you to bulk upload debtors/invoices from your accountancy software, so you don’t have to spend time uploading invoices separately. 

If you want to unlink from your accountancy software, simply head to the Integrations tab on your account page on the itsettled app, and click the ‘unlink’ button. You can then link with a different accountancy software if you so wish. 

Don’t see your accountancy software as an option? Let us know at and we’ll get back in touch with you ASAP. We may already be in discussions with the provider, so we can let you know when to expect the integration opportunity to come your way.