The Top 5 Free Business Services for SMEs

September 21, 2021

When you start a small business, money can be tight - and you might not be able to spend money on all the fancy software and service platforms that can save you time whilst you grow.

If you’re struggling to market your business, do your accounts, or learn new skills for your business, then this list is for you.

1. Gmail and Google Suite

First up, you need to be able to communicate with customers and store files - whether that’s documents, presentations, or spreadsheets. Google suite is perfect for this - a Gmail account provides you with a useful suite of tools that is similar to Microsoft Office, and you can store all kinds of documents on Google Drive.

2. Mailchimp

Following on from Gmail, how better to communicate with your customers and clients than an email newsletter? Mailchimp allows you to send emails to different lists. This lets you arrange your customers into groups and send them tailored content. Newsletters can contain deals, share news, and introduce customers to new parts of the business. Mailchimp is easy-to-use and has lots of templates to choose from, making it perfect for the time-challenged business owner.

3. Canva

Similarly to Mailchimp, Canva is great for the business owner that has little marketing experience, as it allows you to build and design social media graphics and other marketing and design materials. Again, there are lots of templates and free elements, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on making your marketing look great.

4. Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is the perfect accounting platform for new and small businesses, as it’s free-to-use whilst also being accessible and uncomplicated. As well as having access to a free accountancy platform, you can also create invoices for free. Wave also offers payment solutions on a pay-per-use basis.

5. Small Business Commissioners Office

The Small Business Commissioner is an independent public body set up by the Government under the Enterprise Act of 2016. The SBC was introduced to tackle late payment and unfavourable payment practices in the private sector. The Small Business Commissioners Office can help with late payments and invoice queries, and they offer free advice to any small business in the UK.

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