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itsettled vs Chaser

How does itsettled compare with another business within the Credit Control software industry, Chaser?
Below we highlight the main differences:
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Ease of use

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Level of Guidance

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Those with existing knowledge of credit control who are willing to attend a training course.

Free trial



Software format




Starts at £20 per month.

Starts at £25 per month.


Freeagent, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage & all major UK accountancy providers.

Xero, Quickbooks, Sage.

Mobile friendly




Branded to your business.

Branded to your business.


A fully automated, tried and tested and legally compliant process. Easily navigate the process with a click of a button.

No set process.  Chaser only provides templates and guidance, leaving you to define your own process.


All pre written and in order of escalation required to get paid.

Multiple options available at all stages with no set letter for each stage.


Pre written as part of the automated process.

Multiple options available at all stages with no set email for each stage.

Follow up

Stepped escalation process that tells you what you need to do and when to do it in order to get paid.

No set follow up as user defines their own process.

Ease of use

No training required as very easy to use. Automated reminders when actions are due.

Must have credit control experience or attend a training course to use.

Payment guarantee

Itsettled provides a payment guarantee. If you have followed their process and not been successful in collecting in your debt, their sister company, Credebt will collect it at no additional charge.

Chaser provides no guarantee. If following their process does not result in payment, you will be charged an additional 15% of the debt value to collect the debt. This charge increases if further action is required.


Itsettled was founded by Glen Morgan and Jonathan Wingrove. Glen Morgan, is widely considered a Credit Management expert after working in the industry for 25 years.

Chaser was founded by an Accountant and a Finance Director who has never worked directly in the Credit Management industry.


Itsettled believes that you go to experts and expect an expertly designed process that is followed for all debts as this provides consistency to all your customers.

Chaser provides letters and emails etc without providing you with a legally compliant process to follow, leaving the user to set their own process so it is no different from leaving your team to deal with the credit control themselves.

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