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What's the difference between itsettled and Chaser?

If you’re chasing payment from customers, you don’t want to spend time developing your own collections process and crossing your fingers that it works.

You want a proven, automated and legally compliant process that collects the money you're owed.
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A fully automated, legally compliant process that has collected over £420 million for UK businesses.

No set process. Templates and guidance provided, leaving you to build your own collections process.



Those with an existing knowledge of credit control who are willing to attend a training course.


If the process has been followed and payment has not been made, itsettled sister company Credebt will step in and chase the debt for no fee.

No guarantee.

Emails and letters

All pre-written, in order of escalation to get you paid.

Multiple options at every stage with no set correspondence.

Ease of use

Automated escalation process that tells you what you need to do and when to do it to get paid.

No set follow up as the user defines their own process.


Starts at £20 per month.

Starts at £25 per month.

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No credit card required.

Set up your account in less than one minute and use the proven, automated and legally compliant process to collect up to 10 outstanding payments for free.
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